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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email based application which is used by personal and professionals to communicate through emails. In Outlook, there are many features by using which you can manage contacts, to-do list, notes, appointments, tasks, journals, attachments, etc. Outlook uses PST file to maintain all Outlook data items including emails. PST is an essentially part of Outlook containing all important Outlook data including emails. PST folder acts as a database which stores several items in different folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, Deleted Items, etc. If you have deleted or lost emails from Outlook 2013 Inbox or Deleted folder due to any reason and later you felt that was important, then you can recover emails from Outlook 2013 by using Recover PST software. This software can recover emails and other Outlook 2013 data after fixing corrupted PST file within few minutes.

Even, if there is inbuilt Outlook inbox repair tool called ScanPST.exe to fix corrupted PST file but it has some limitations. This can fix minor corrupted PST file only. But, there is one powerful application which can be used to get back lost emails in Outlook 2013 within short span of time. You can recover deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook 2013 on  any Windows OS version computer.

Some common reasons behind email loss or deletion

  • Accidental Deletion: While deleting some unwanted mails, user may choose important files by mistakenly and may delete them. A slight distraction might lead you to a loss of a very important email which may contain some important attachment. Emails may get deleted due to a virus infection. If a mail contains some malevolent items the anti-virus of your system will not allow you to open it and will simply delete it.
  • Intentional Deletion: To match the size of the PST file, due to its size limitation, you might intentionally delete some emails but later realizes that you have deleted some important ones too. The PST file corrupts if its size exceeds the allotted size. The PST size is different in different Outlook versions.
  • Emptying the Deleted Items Folder: The emails deleted from any other folder reside in the Deleted Items folder. It gives you a chance so that you do not end up losing an important email. You can easily recover deleted emails from Outlook 2013 by restoring them back to their original position. But sometimes the user accidentally or intentionally empties this folder without checking its contents. In this way you might lose an important email.

Apart from these causes, there is also a major cause due to which you will lose all your essential Outlook info and i.e., PST corruption. Outlook 2013 PST file gets corrupted due to various reasons, and as a result, all emails and other Outlook items will be lost. So, under all these causes, you can utility Recover PST software to easily retrieve emails from Outlook 2013.

Features of Recover PST tool

Recover PST tool has powerful algorithm which can work when inbuilt ScanPST.exe tool fails to work. It recovers deleted emails from Outlook 2013 and all older versions of Outlook. It repairs corrupted PST file and smart enough to fix compressed and encrypted PST files without any hassle. As it is read only tool it extracts information from damaged PST file, create one new PST file and write information on newly created PST file. After repairing it create PST file in 2003-2010 format which can easily imported by any version of Outlook to read Outlook data. Its interactive GUI enables any novice user to restore emails from Outlook 2013 and fix corrupted PST file as expert, thus you no need to worry about how to recover emails from Outlook 2013. This software is supported by all Windows OS thus this software will be useful to recover emails from broken PST file on Windows 7 and other version of Windows OS without any hassle. After recovering emails from Outlook 2013, it provides preview in real time folder structure by using default Outlook browser and enables you to read recovered emails and Outlook data within few minutes.

Steps to get back emails from Outlook 2013:

Step 1: After installing, launch the software to initiate email recovery process on Outlook 2013, as illustrated in Figure A. Choose any option from "Open PST File", "Find PST File", and "Select Outlook Profile".

Recover Emails from Outlook 2013

Figure A: Choose Any Option

Step 2: Select the PST file to recover the deleted or lost emails as illustrated in Figure B.

Restore Emails from Outlook 2013 - Choose PST File

Figure B: Select Corrupted PST File

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Step 3: Select the target path to store recovered PST file. Now click on "Repair" as illustrated in Fig C.

Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook 2013

Figure C: Choose Destination Path

Step 4: After fixing PST file, it will allow you to preview the recovered Outlook items as illustrated in Fig D

How to Recover Emails from Outlook 2013?

Fig D: Preview Outlook Items

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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